Budapest Hostels

Adagio Hostel
The Adagio Hostel 1.0 Oktogon in Budapest may sound rather fancy and to be honest when you pull up outside the building and see how grande it looks from the outside it does mean you will probably be wary as to whether or not the inside is also going to match your exacting standards.

Maverick Hostel
This hostel is in the downtown sector of the city and that means you are right in the middle of Budapest and will have your finger on the pulse of the city. However, considering the location, and the fact you are in an area surrounded by classical and historical buildings, the price of the rooms here are exceptional with you in line for a bargain.

Amazing Hostel
Also, it is known as being extremely clean and the staff are super friendly with them being open to discussing what the city has to offer and guiding you as to where you should go next. In other words,the staff are virtually going to become your own tour guides and that is never going to be a bad thing.

Jump In Hostel
The rooms have different colors on the walls with some pieces of nice artwork hung and others drawn on the wall. They are spacious with a television set inside, built in storage spaces close to the walls, beautiful and neat bedding, reading chairs and tables as well as modern floor finishing.

Iskola 2.0 Hostel
Budget hostels have become quite a hit with travellers over time. The Iskola hostel is also one of the affordable hostels in the city, perfectly suited for the young, enthusiastic traveller who is eager to explore the world and have loads of fun while doing so.